An eCard for any Occasion

The time of getting cards in the mail is a thing of the past. From my childhood, I can remember getting a card from relatives on vacation or for a special occasion like Christmas or the birth of a new cousin. I rarely receive snail mail anymore because email is so much faster and more flexible.

Just as email is electronic mail, an eCard is an electronic card sent through an email system. Many different vacation spots have an eCard booth. Some that I have encountered are Disney World, Disney Land, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and the Coca-Cola factory in Atlanta, GA. At these booths one can send a general picture of the attraction or use their webcam and take a picture of one, or one’s family, that is then added to a background picture. Once one picks a picture, they can then write a message to the recipients and send the eCard to as many recipients as they please. Unlike a card, most eCards do not require one to buy anything. No card cost and no postage cost. It’s free!

eCards are not limited to vacations; there are numerous websites out there where one can send an eCard for birthdays, holidays or any other occasion one may think of. At the bottom of the post are links to a couple of these sites. For more, just Google “eCard” and one will find many different eCard websites. On them, one can use one’s own picture or a more generic picture from their gallery, add a note and send it to whomever. Go ahead! Give it a try!

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