☛Fun with Symbols☚

Symbols are used by billions of people worldwide in order to express emotions that just don’t feel right through words.  Myself, like many other Northwest students, use these symbols through text, Twitter or Facebook messaging. However, did you know you can create these fun and simple symbols right on your keyboard?  It’s simple really, all you need to know is where your Alt key is located on your keyboard and you are halfway there!  Next, decide what symbol fits your mood. Then use the various key shortcuts, which will be shown below, and you’re finished!  The website listed below describes how to access both PC and Mac.


Step One: Hold your Alt key (located on the right and left side of your space bar).


Step Two: Type in the various codes using the number section of your keyboard and enjoy!


A few neat examples: ☢ (code 9762) ☂ (code 9730) ☎ (code 9742)


For more awesome symbols checkout: http://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Alt-Key-Symbols-PC


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