Technology in Education

Technology has begun to be integrated in all aspects of education, and there are many conflicting views about it. Technology is used for engaging students, reviewing topics with games, student-led lessons, and many other activities. Many may think that with so much technology, teachers are getting lazier or the students are being ‘babysat’ by technology.

Computers are used in education for many reasons that can benefit both the teacher and the students. Students can research topics and learn more about their interests, which therefore helps the teacher create more student-led lessons. Student-led lessons can allow for the students to feel in charge and in control of their learning. Technology provides more choices for students and teachers. Technology also allows for more teachers to share their lessons and ideas with others.

Another technology that is widely used in most classrooms and schools are SMART boards. SMART boards are interesting to students and can be very engaging. Teachers can find SMART board lessons online to use for their students. Students can go up to the SMART board and move items around, tap answers, write, draw circles around the correct answer; there are so many possibilities with SMART boards.

Computers and other technologies have also been seen as a distraction in the classroom. Many people may believe that all the students will think about is getting to get on the computer, iPad, or any other technology. If this is the case, the students would race to complete their work, not giving their best effort, just to get on the computer or iPad. Another negative view about students using computers or anything with access to the internet is that students can get past the firewalls and blocked sites. Internet, no matter how protected or ‘screened’ is not 100% safe 100% of the time. Students can still run across things that are inappropriate or search other things while they are supposed to be on task with the lesson.

Many concerns and comments have been stated that computers and word processing have ruined this generation’s ability to spell. Many people never learned to spell correctly because they have and will always use spell check on their computers to find the spelling mistakes. Some students have never learned how to spell with invented spelling, spelling words the way they sound to you, or learned how to sound out words in order to spell them correctly.

So you must ask yourself as a teacher, parent, future parent, or student, should we teach with or without technology? How do we teach students to use technology correctly and effectively? Should we use technology for both learning and rewards? These questions are up to you. You should make the choice of how much you will expose your students, children, or yourself to technology.

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