CatPAWS in November

It is nearing the end of the semester, which means for those of us returning for the Spring trimester that registration for classes has started. It also means that, for this year anyway, voting is open to choose the Homecoming king and queen. The date you register is based upon the number of credit hours you have already completed prior to registering.  For example, if you have already completed 20 hours and are currently enrolled in 12 hours, you would register according to the date corresponding to 20 credit hours, not 32 hours. Voting for Homecoming is open the week prior to Homecoming starting October 22nd at 8 a.m. and closing on October 26th around 5 p.m.  For those of you who do not already know, these things are accomplished by using CatPAWS.

This year searching for classes to take and registering for classes is about the same as it has been in the past. The first thing you will have to do is of course log into CatPAWS. This is done by using your 919 number for the user ID and your pin number. Once you are in CatPAWS you will need to click on the Student link located on the page. Once on the Student page, you will need to click the link called Registration. To look up classes on this page, you simply click on the Look Up Classes link. This will allow you to view the classes for your desired trimester and allow you to see class times, instructors, and dates. You can also narrow your search down by selecting a subject from the list provided. Unlike past years, after selecting a subject you will then be able to see a list of classes available under this subject that you can click on to take you to the available class sections of just that one particular class. For example, you can choose the subject Accounting, then choose the class Tax Accounting to see all of the sections being offered for Tax Accounting.  This is easier than in years past where all the classes under the subject were just listed in one big list all together. If you are unsure about what classes to take, one quick thing you can do is a Degree Audit. This will allow you to see what classes you have already completed, classes you are currently taking, and classes you will need to take to graduate with your desired major. The Degree Audit feature is located under the Student tab of CatPAWS. Searching for your classes ahead of time is a good idea because some classes are only offered in certain trimesters, and some classes will fill up faster than others. Once you know the classes you are going to take, it is time to register.

Registering for classes is basically the same as searching for classes, but with a couple extra steps. The first thing that is different is that instead of clicking the Look Up Classes link you will need to select the Add/Drop Classes link. It will then prompt you to enter your alternate pin. This number should be provided to you through your advisor. Once you have entered your pin you will be able to search for the classes you are looking for just like you did before. Once you find a class you want to take you can simply make the checkbox next to the class and click Register to immediately register yourself in the class or you can click Add to Worksheet, which adds the CRN number to the homepage of Add/Drop Classes. You will then be able to keep searching for classes and to keep adding them to your worksheet until you are ready to submit your class list and become registered in your classes. Another thing that you can do on CatPAWS is vote for the Homecoming royalty.

Voting for the king and queen of Homecoming is pretty simple and takes very little time. Again you will have to log into CatPAWS using your user ID and pin number. Then you will need to click on the Voting and Polls tab at the top of the screen. After this screen is viewable, click on the Northwest On-line Ballots link. Then, an option for Homecoming ballot should be available. Simply select the candidates you wish to vote for and hit submit. This takes very little time so go out there and vote!

CatPAWS can be used in a variety of ways and is a great tool to use and take advantage of. Hopefully now you will know how to search and register for classes, and vote for various Northwest polls and ballots. Have a great semester everyone!

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