5 Tips to Improving Your Computer’s Performance

According to Computers and Education, an international research journal, students spend an average of over 36 hours per week on a computer. Your computer usage in time is nearly equivalent to a full-time job! And depending on your career choice, your full-time job upon graduation may still continue and exceed this statistic.

An eCard for any Occasion

The time of getting cards in the mail is a thing of the past. From my childhood, I can remember getting a card from relatives on vacation or for a special occasion like Christmas or the birth of a new cousin. I rarely receive snail mail anymore because email is so much faster and more [more…]

☛Fun with Symbols☚

Symbols are used by billions of people worldwide in order to express emotions that just don’t feel right through words.  Myself, like many other Northwest students, use these symbols through text, Twitter or Facebook messaging. However, did you know you can create these fun and simple symbols right on your keyboard?

Everyday Ergonomics

With the semester soon coming to an end, many students will be spending more time studying and using their computers. Whether they are in the library or at home on their laptops many students face issues with fatigue, common aches, and the pains of prolonged computer use.

Technology in Education

Technology has begun to be integrated in all aspects of education, and there are many conflicting views about it. Technology is used for engaging students, reviewing topics with games, student-led lessons, and many other activities. Many may think that with so much technology, teachers are getting lazier or the students are being ‘babysat’ by technology.

Using Microsoft Word Efficiently

It’s that time of year where it seems like you have 50 papers due at the same time. Writing a Microsoft Word document can be time consuming and boring, but a great way to speed up the process of your paper is using hot keys or short cuts.

CatPAWS in November

It is nearing the end of the semester, which means for those of us returning for the Spring trimester that registration for classes has started. It also means that, for this year anyway, voting is open to choose the Homecoming king and queen.