Whoa! Sweet Computers!! Wait, how do I turn it on?

So, if you have been in the Owen’s Library Computer Lab, you have undoubtedly seen the new iMacs. These have been made available to library patrons thanks to a grant given to the Computer Science Department. The primary purpose of these new machines is to help give students, specifically those enrolled in the several iOS development classes, a place to do their work outside of their class. Regardless if one is enrolled in one of those classes or not, using the iMacs might seem a little intimidating. This article will help make these gentle-giant iMacs more user-friendly.

As the title suggests, even turning on an iMac is a little different. Apple has been very concerned with staying true to their minimalist design philosophy, and the power button follows suit. The power button is placed flush with the rest of the surface, which makes it difficult to find. The power button is located at the bottom left hand corner on the backside of the computer.

Okay, so it has been turned it on.  The iMac now shows the login screen. Don’t be confused! It is just like all of the other computers here on campus. Just log in with the S# and network password! Once logged in, the iMac is ready to be used. These iMacs have the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, inDesign, DreamWeaver, etc. It also has Microsoft Office and all of the development tools that the classes in the CS/IS classes require.

There are a few differences in keyboard shortcuts as well. So here is a quick list of common commands that shows a Mac shortcut and its Windows equivalent.

  • Closing a program: Mac – Command + Q / Windows – Alt + F4
  • Copying: Mac – Command + C / Windows – Ctrl + C
  • Pasting: Mac – Command + V / Windows – Ctrl+V
  • Cutting: Mac – Command + X / Windows – Ctrl + X

More can be found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1343. This is a comprehensive list of all available keyboard shortcuts.

Macs also have other programs like chess and iTunes. You can get to them by opening the application folder(Shift+Command+A). All installed programs should be in there.

What would more than likely draw one to them is their large screens. Specifically, these 27″ iMacs produce a 2560X1440 pixel output. For those who aren’t sure what that entails, that is higher quality than 1080p TV’s. Also, for you tech guys and gals, this machine has 16 GBs of RAM and a quad core 3GHz Intel Core i7 processor. Using the iMac shouldn’t be too much different than your computer that you use everyday(except faster). Overall, the iMacs are pretty sweet machines! Take advantage of them!

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