Making the Most of Your myNorthwest

MyNorthwest is the hub, the meeting place, of a great many resources. At your disposal through myNorthwest are news, current events on campus, activities, CatPAWS, information on residence halls, your housing application, student services, a direct link to the library, links to the student directory, bill payment, email, eCompanion, and the university calendar.

The catpaws tab, in particular, can be quite useful. It contains links to your housing application, class schedule, registration tools, financial aid, and your school transcript. The presentation of these on myNorthwest is very different from the traditional CatPAWS presentation. It is a much more user friendly experience and is tailored to your needs at the time.

Lastly, among the quick links that can be found on the home tab, the Northwest classifieds and job listings are often a great tool. These listings will assist you in searching for on-campus employment, or in looking for anything from a roommate to furniture for your room.

The ability to access all of the above resources, without ever having to log in to another page, is what truly makes myNorthwest invaluable. It is, however, important to note that you still need to remember your password for CatPAWS. You will want to remember your CatPAWS password because CatPAWS is still available for access after your graduation, and ithas certain items that are only available through the traditional log-on process.

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