iMacs In The Library!

The library now has six new 27” iMac computers available for use, and their purchase was made possible by the cooperation of three departments on campus.  The departments wanted to allow for extended access to Mac computers and the software that is native to Mac OSX, along with other popularly used software.  The new Macs are loaded with the same software that is available on the computers in the other Mac labs on campus, so that students can continue their work outside of lab hours.

Client Computing will offer support for the Macs in the library, but only to a certain extent. The Technology Support Assistants that work in the library will assist users in turning on the Macs, logging in, checking network connectivity, and making sure the installed software opens properly. Any further support that students require will need to be given by the department or instructor of the course for which they are doing homework. The usage of the new Macs is open to all students, but priority will be reserved for students enrolled in classes that the Macs were purchased to assist.

These new computers offer a lot more flexibility to students working on assignments that require a Mac computer. The greater availability of hours in the library should aid students in completing assignments that have more specific computer requirements. These new iMacs are a great addition to the library!

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