Did you know your Northwest laptop can do…?

Now that Northwest has just awarded you for your decision to attend this fine University with your own personal laptop, you need to discover what this technological device is capable of doing. One great benefit of your own laptop is the ability to access the internet from all over campus. This will come in handy when you want to look up additional information on a topic in class or reminisce with photos on facebook from the comfort of your dorm.

Also, each laptop is pre-programmed with the Microsoft Office suite. You will use these programs often for various courses and maintaining a sane life by keeping organized. Microsoft Outlook allows you to set up a calendar with your daily schedule so you can stay better organized, and Outlook will even text you at a set time everyday to let you know what you have on your schedule. Microsoft OneNote is a great tool to take notes in class. The program provides a much more user-accessible interface to allow for easier grouping, linking, and overall less restricted notes.

You have no need to worry about providing entertainment anymore! Your Northwest laptop can entertain you and your guests by playing dvds, running Netflix, and, overall,converting into a small theater screen. You can also listen to music while cleaning your room or studying. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, as you will soon discover, with your new laptop. Keep coming back to the Technically Speaking blog to find more and more ways you can benefit from your laptop.

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