Oh Da Social Network

Social Media
What was once trending among the teens of America has now made its way into the business world. Simple and easy to use sites such as Twitter allow businesses and people to post about what is happening in the company and personal lives. The growing concern, however, is how social media sites can affect a job searcher and what about the social media sites need to be watched out for.

One question is easier to answer than the other: after talking with on-campus recruiters at a recent job fair, the unanimous answer was that businesses want employees with as many accounts to the mainstream social media sites as possible. This connectivity to social media shows that the interviewee is in-the-know on new trends and has a strong network that could benefit the business. If going all out and joining every social media site created just does not sound feasible, try adding the top three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Dangers and concerns!
While Facebook is the world’s favorite social networking site, it also is the cause of a lot of uproar as of late. With more and more people locking down the privacy settings on their Facebook accounts, businesses no longer are getting the free peeks at Facebook profiles of potential employees. Many businesses as part of the late interview process have even started asking interviewees to log into Facebook to see their profile pages. Many view this as an intrusion of privacy and after refusing to log in, failed to land the job they interviewed for. Some individuals have taken it to court and Facebook has even released a statement saying “there are no circumstances in which an individual user has to share their private information with anyone.”

Many are suggesting creating secondary Facebook pages that are more business world friendly or simply cleaning up their old pages. In this day and age a helpful reminder is to be careful what is posted to the web.

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