Facebook for a resume

In the job market through the years, Facebook has had an ever growing influence over the selection process for hiring new employees. Each year, employers search into the personal lives of their candidates and are now delving even deeper, particularly as jobs get harder to find. Recently, employers have gone so far as to request the job candidate to log in to their Facebook account during the meeting in order to give complete access of their profile over to the company. Oftentimes, the interviewer may instead ask for the candidate to “friend” an HR manager so that their profile may be viewed. However, this has become ineffective due to the privacy settings that are available that can still limit the visibility of a profile, even to friends. While asking for a potential future employee to log on to a personal networking site may to some seem unethical, it is not yet illegal. Future legislation may come to pass concerning this topic; however, as of now, the only actual violation made is that of the Facebook end user license agreement (the license agreement states that a user should not share his or her password with anyone). However, this license agreement is not potent enough to give any reason that a company should back down. All in all, what is truly alarming is that for an employer to make such a request is in no way a violation of an individual’s rights. While there are a number of groups working to put an end to this, calling it an invasion of privacy, the best mode of defense (given the current situation) is to prepare a second Facebook account for professional relations. While maintaining a completely professional profile at all times is an option, a much more reasonable alternative would be to have two separate Facebook profiles– one for friends and family, and one for professional and business relations; that is, at least until legislators are able to further diffuse the situation.

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