Tips for the Road Ahead

The time of year when thoughts turn with the weather is just around the corner. The focus shifts from surviving school to surviving finals and then getting home. Even more important is getting the  computer and all of the files on it home safetly. For a personal computer or one of Northwest Missouri States computers, follow these easy tips for making traveling home easy.

1) Make sure the computer’s virus protection is up to date and all Windows updates are current. No matter where one travels, it is important to make sure his computer is up to date. Accessing hotel, airport, or any other unsecure wireless network can leave computers vunerable to malware and viruses.

2) Traveling through the airport with a computer? Have the TSA officer hand check the bag. While the x-ray scanner will not hurt the machine, unattended bags, especially with computers in them, are excellent targets for theft.

3) Packing and storing a computer? Like anything of value, make sure the device is packed and stored correctly.  If it is getting jammed into a suitcase for a trip, try packing it in a protective case and placing it in the middle of some clothes. This will help protect it from the not-so-gentle baggage handlers.

4) Check the battery. If for some reason the computer is going home to sit in the closet all summer, make sure to follow these storage instructions. Most will say to remove the battery with or without a charge before placing the computer in storage for the summer.
Hopefully these tips will help aid in the summer travel process. Keep the computer and its information stored safe. For more information, Micrsoft has a plethora of information to check out on their website.

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