End of the Year Laptop Return

For many students attending Northwest Missouri State University the laptop program offered here at Northwest was very helpful. Many of the students do not own a personal laptop and have become dependant on the one provided by the university. As the end of the year approaches, many are unaware of how they are affected. If a student is enrolled in summer courses, he may keep his laptop over the summer free of charge.Those enrolled in Fall 2012 courses may keep their laptop over the summer for a $75 fee.

Individuals who do not wish to keep their laptops over the summer should return them to the ECSC building between 8:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday-Friday. To avoid receiving fees, laptops should be returned before leaving Northwest for the summer.

Students who have chosen to keep their laptops over the summer, either by paying the $75 fee or those taking summer courses, are still able to bring their laptops to the Electronic Campus Support Center(ECSC) for computer support and may also receive help by contacting the Help Desk at (660) 562-1634 . As a small reminder, Information Systems is not responsible for the personal files on the Northwest laptops and all personal files should be backed up on some external form of storage.

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