Tips & Tricks — March

Computers can be infected with many kinds of viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Viruses mainly attack when the internet is being used. By following simple tricks and techniques a world of e-hurt can be prevented.

Avoid email viruses
Use common sense before downloading any email attachment from email, even if it is from a friend or any known person. Always, it is better to delete the files before opening a virus-ridden file. Viruses actually attack computers through many kinds of tempting emails from social websites.

Scan flash drives
When using flash drives, always scan them before using them to make sure that no unwanted viruses or Trojan Horses are in the flash drive.

Avoid downloading unknown files
Do not try downloading files like games, executable programs or freeware because many files on websites contain many threats like Trojan Horses, etc. So before actually clicking and opening the files, run the scan first. Downloading all the files and scanning the entire folder at the same time is also possible.

Always update the startups in the system
Make sure that anti-virus updates and other important Windows updates are updated regularly and that the anti-virus runs the scanning process before opening any files in the system. Many threats will be avoided this way.

Never open any attachments in the emails automatically
Make sure that any email attachment will not open automatically until and unless it is scanned for viruses.

Always install professional anti-virus software
Keep virus definitions updated. Quality anti-virus software and computer security applications scan the files and folders for strange changes and other kinds of warning signs, which is the most important step to be taken to keep a system as safe and secure as possible.


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