Six Skills College Grads Should Have But Don’t

The good news? The field of Information Technology continues to expand in today’s job market. The bad news? Fresh college graduates “don’t have the skills employers want and need.” Asking “Why pay $50,000 on an education to become a human paperweight?” might be a good question to ask oneself, or just take a look at the following list of the top six skills that IT grads need but do not have:

1. Knowledge of Business Basics – While most new students enter IT programs thinking “All I am going to be doing is working on computers”, the truth is that many businesses see IT as a function of business.
2. Experience with Systems Integration – Many schools educate students to be able to build and maintain the best modern computers. However, businesses do not always operate on the latest and greatest. Having knowledge in the latest and greatest in the computer world and how to integrate a new system into an existing legacy infrastructure is a must have skill.
3. Emerging Technologies Expertise – Whether it is iOS 5 or the latest iPad, employers want students who know a little of everything. Attending a school that offers classes on multiple platforms and new technologies will boost marketability.
4. The Tech Basics – Can you say “Command Prompt?” Employers can and they expect new hires to be familiar with it and be able to use it.
5. Familiarity with Legacy Systems – Anyone know COBOL? What may seem like a dead language to many college institutions is still a backbone programming language for a lot of older businesses. Learning the lingo of the Legacy Systems is a must.
6. The Ability to Work on a Team – Heard this since kindergarten: “Jimmy you need to learn to share.” The truth is being able to work well with others in a team environment is a good skill. While the myth of the lone programmer who sits in his cubicle all day can be true, some projects require group work.

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