Interested in Game Development?

Interested in game development? Try Unity!

Unity is a game development software that extends to mobile, console, and web applications. Unity can be used for Android and iOS platforms. This means games and applications developed with this efficient and user friendly software makes developed games much more compatible with these platforms. As with any game development software, moderate programming skills are a must. Unity allows users to choose between Javascript, C#, and Unity’s own programming language called Boo, to design and create their very own first-person game.

Unity gives those with little game development experience the ability to produce high quality first-person 3D games. What is the best part about Unity? It’s FREE. Unity provides a basic edition of their game development software for free. Users looking to start a new hobby or further their game development abilities can download this software for free and begin to create their own designs. The downfall to the free version is it provides limited graphic potential and users are unable to publish their games unless they upgrade to the full version. Interested in seeing what Unity is all about? Download a trial of the full version here:

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