Recycle Mania!

As of 12:01 this morning (February 5th), Recycle Mania has officially begun! For the next two weeks, 549 colleges and universities will compete to save the most in recycled goods, raising awareness of recycling programs across the country. To be fair, the competition pits each school against itself, measuring the weight of the goods recycled in comparison with them with of all items disposed of (recycling / (recycling + trash)). This gives a percentage that can be compared to other schools. With the incentive of competition, Recycle Mania hopes to take campus recycling to a new level and to keep it there.

This year Recycle Mania has a special category specifically for electronics. Few people are aware that the recycling of electronic equipment involving silicon and circuitry actually requires a very special process or it could be quite damaging to the environment. It’s really awesome that the competition will not only be helping to recycle, but to understand the processes that go into it and the importance of sorting things into their proper categories.

From now until February 17th there are going to be all kinds of posters and programs around campus raising awareness not only about the importance of recycling, but also about the processes by which it is made possible and how our school utilizes the new resources we create. The next couple weeks will be a learning experience for students all across the country both in and outside the classroom, so get excited for Recycle Mania!

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