Tips and Tricks — February

This month’s edition is a special edition — all the Mac lovers out there, tune in! Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Mac-ists: 1. Command-A Select All Items 2. Command-C Copy Selected Items 3. Command-D Duplicate Selected Items 4. Command-F Search with Spotlight 5. Command-G Find Next Matched Search

Interested in Game Development?

Interested in game development? Try Unity! Unity is a game development software that extends to mobile, console, and web applications. Unity can be used for Android and iOS platforms. This means games and applications developed with this efficient and user friendly software makes developed games much more compatible with these platforms. As with any game [more…]

Facebook Timeline: Creepy or Creative?

Many will argue that the new Facebook Timeline is creative, unique, and awesome. Others will argue a very different side of the argument. Is Facebook becoming too creepy? With the new Timeline feature, some may worry that some of the past will come back up and be shown to the whole world. Some articles say [more…]

Who wants to be a hundred-billionaire?

Facebook stock to be released to public sometime this year.

Recycle Mania!

As of 12:01 this morning (February 5th), Recycle Mania has officially begun! For the next two weeks, 549 colleges and universities will compete to save the most in recycled goods, raising awareness of recycling programs across the country. To be fair, the competition pits each school against itself, measuring the weight of the goods recycled [more…]