Sexy and I Know It

With cold weather arriving in Maryville and darkness falling shortly after 5:00 p.m., it is important to find creative new ways to stay in shape. Luckily, every student at Northwest has access to unlimited workout plans, tips, and tricks online. The internet contains an overwhelming collection of fitness tools and websites, so immense that the task of sorting through them can leave someone winded alone. To save frustration, use the list below to check out some top online tools and websites to keep your summer bod all the way through winter.

DailyBurn allows one to track what they eat, record workouts, follow progress, and be held accountable for reaching goals.

Best Workout Music
Make the music you like to play run in perfect sync with a workout’s pace.

For the warmer days, map a walking or jogging route around campus and track the distance down to a hundredth of a mile.

Provides rewards for getting fit in the form of gift cards and online discounts.

My Fitness Pal App
The fastest and easiest calorie counter. An easy way to keep track of calories and get pounds off.


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