Tips and Tricks — December

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Windows + E: Opens “My Computer”
  • Windows + M: Minimizes all windows in the taskbar
  • Windows + R: Opens the “Run” dialog box
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo option in the edit menu
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo Option in the edit menu
  • Ctrl + PrtSc: Places a screenshot of the screen on the clipboard

Computer Care Tips

  • Always “shut down”, “suspend”, or “hibernate” your laptop before moving it. This allows the hard drive to “spin down” which prevents potential data loss when moving the laptop.
  • Do not use Windex, alcohol, or ammonia to clean LCD screens. Microfiber or very soft cloths are the best options for cleaning LCD screens.
  • Do not block or push anything into the air vents. This will cause the machine to overheat. This includes leaving the computer on a blanket or comforter.
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold. Computers operate best in the same temperatures that you do. Never leave your laptop outside or in a car for extended periods.

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