Holiday break and school laptops: the need-to-know!

As the end of the school year approaches, students’ minds start to wander from their studies to the end of the semester, which, of course, means Christmas Break and going home. Before travelling home for the holidays here is the need-to-know about traveling with school laptops:

• Make sure you back up your data. When it comes to travelling, the constant moving of the device can sometimes cause unforseen damage, so back up files so no data is lost.
• Along these same lines, make sure that the device is packaged in a proper laptop carrying case and that it stays out of the sub-zero temperatures.
• If a school laptop should happen to get damaged while off campus over break, remember to never take the laptop to a retail store such as BestBuy.

1. If you encounter a situation where the laptop gets slightly damaged, know that for little things you will be charged up to 50 dollars.
2. If  major damage to the device is a constant worry, the school offers several suggestions for insurance on the device. You can find this by going to the campus computing website (note that your parents insurance might include renter’s insurance, so be sure to check with your parents before you make a purchase).

Remember that when arriving on campus, if any problems have occurred with the device, it is best to contact the local PERT (Peer Educator in Residence for Technology), the support center (ECSC), or go into the library and visit the Client Computing Consultants or the Lab Consultants.

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