Tips and Tricks — December

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows + E: Opens “My Computer” Windows + M: Minimizes all windows in the taskbar Windows + R: Opens the “Run” dialog box Ctrl + Z: Undo option in the edit menu

Holiday break and school laptops: the need-to-know!

As the end of the school year approaches, students’ minds start to wander from their studies to the end of the semester, which, of course, means Christmas Break and going home. Before travelling home for the holidays here is the need-to-know about traveling with school laptops: • Make sure you back up your data. When [more…]

To tablet or not to tablet

The media says that it is all about smaller and more portable technology these days. We see the computer industry start to switch from bulky desktops and laptops to tablets, and people have to be wondering. Is the tablet the personal computer of the future? The answer: not yet. While the Apple and its competitors [more…]