Google Street View Hits the Path

The amazingly diverse and massive coverage of Google’s popular map feature “Street View” is now going off-road. Google’s unique mapping feature, which was originally captured using 360-degree cameras mounted on only cars, is now going to be coming from a more versatile setup — tricycles. Attractions like hiking and biking trails, zoos, university campuses, outdoor malls, golf courses, landmarks, stadiums, and other gorgeous views are all currently being captured with this new technique.

The new Google Street View tricycles are roaming the western United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom. A few examples of what to come include LEGOLAND California, San Diego State University, Monterey coastal bike path, and the Santa Monica Pier. Google hired a team of athletic bikers to ride the trikes, as each contraption weighs around 250 pounds! The new feature will help to bring people to witness the beauty of the outdoors after getting a preview from their computer screen. Images from the trikes are expected to be available online starting the summer of 2012.


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