Tips & Tricks — November

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + C  — Copies selected text into your clipboard.
Ctrl + V– Pastes text from your clipboard onto the document you are working on.
Ctrl + F — Opens the finder and enables you to search for text on the current page.
Ctrl + P — Opens the print window for your current page.

Computer Care Tips

  1. Keep your screen brightness down when your machine is not plugged in to a power source. This will help your battery life last for almost twice as long.
  2. Make sure that your password is secure. Never share your password with ANYONE, no matter how much you trust them.
  3. Back up your files on something other than your computer. You can use a flash/USB drive, an external hard drive, CD and DVD-ROMs, or Outlook Live’s Cloud Storage system.
  4. Keep your computer updated. Do not ignore the Windows system updates. Updates can exist for flaws in the software, security updates, or something equally as important.

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