Is Facebook safe?

Facebook has become one of the largest and most publicly used social website. Facebook is a site where the users can post statuses, send messages, and even post pictures. Something of which many users are unaware is the fact that if their privacy settings have not been adjusted, they may be sharing this information with everyone on the web. This means that anyone who has a Facebook might be able to see private statuses, messages, and pictures. Facebook users can go to their privacy settings and adjust who is able to view their content. A suggested setting is to only allow access to friends– this setting will only allow individuals who are added as friends to view information. There are two other settings however, public and custom. Public allows all of the users information to be viewed by anyone on the web, whereas custom is a way for the user to control the settings how they may see fit. Although users are able to change their privacy settings, Facebook has kept an online data base of every Facebook profile and the personal information related to that profile.

Facebook keeps an online profile of every individual, this means that every status, message, or picture a user has been involved in has been saved and stored online. This is kind of a scary thought, but when a new Facebook account is created many individuals probably did what most people did– lied about the following: “I have read and accept the terms of service”. When this button has been clicked Facebook has been given private rights over all the content related to the newly created account. This means they are allowed to sell private information to private investors and use anything that has been posted as their own. Facebook users have a right to see all the information that has been stored about them; they can access this information by going to “Account Settings” and then clicking on “download a copy of your Facebook data”. Check out your own privacy settings and see who can view your information.


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