Registration Time!

Well folks,that time has come again… time to register for classes! Some have already registered and others are still awaiting their time to do so. If you have not registered, make sure that you have talked to your advisor to get your alternate pin so you can log on and sign up the night that [more…]

Google Street View Hits the Path

The amazingly diverse and massive coverage of Google’s popular map feature “Street View” is now going off-road. Google’s unique mapping feature, which was originally captured using 360-degree cameras mounted on only cars, is now going to be coming from a more versatile setup — tricycles. Attractions like hiking and biking trails, zoos, university campuses,

Tips & Tricks — November

Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + C  — Copies selected text into your clipboard. Ctrl + V– Pastes text from your clipboard onto the document you are working on. Ctrl + F — Opens the finder and enables you to search for text on the current page.

Is Facebook safe?

Facebook has become one of the largest and most publicly used social website. Facebook is a site where the users can post statuses, send messages, and even post pictures. Something of which many users are unaware is the fact that if their privacy settings have not been adjusted, they may be sharing this information with everyone on the web. This [more…]

The New Kindle Family

Amazon has recently introduced new three new members to their family of Kindles.  The Kindle line still has its original Kindle with a full QWERTY keyboard, but now the family has three amazing new members. Amazon introduced the new Kindle with no keyboard, the Kindle Touch, and the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is to [more…]