Hidden Treasures of the Owens Library

Believe it or not, the B.D. Owens Library is not just home to computers and endless rows of books. In fact, a great many interesting things can be found in the library. Unfortunately, while these items of interest are not hidden, they are somewhat out of the way. At least, that is, enough out of the way that the majority of the people never find them. You might ask, what are these interesting things that I have yet to discover? These hidden treasures can be anything ranging from movies, music scores, music CD’s, and even a spare power cord if necessary– all available for checkout at the library services desk.

Now, about those movies. Upon entering the library, walk straight to the back past the desk and toward the painting on the far wall.  A considerable collection of films can be found immediately to the left. These are not just purely educational films, but surprisingly all different kinds of movies and even TV seasons. All kinds of interesting movies can be found here, from Big Trouble in Little China to V for Vendetta; from Indiana Jones to Coraline and Inyu Yasha. There are even seasons of Family Guy, The Flying Circus, and The Big Bang Theory. With a little patience and determination, all kinds of classics can be found. All sorts of new and interesting things can be discovered all while saving money on something that could have been rented or purchased. Whatever your interests or taste in movies, the collection at the Owens Library is definitely worth checking out.

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