Campus-wide WiFi

A free laptop: a dream come true. Each and every student here at Northwest Missouri State University is offered a laptop that is in the said student’s possession to use for the year. The laptop program is a convenient way for all students to have access to their own personal computer, have the ability to use Microsoft Office software, use resources to complete online homework, and, of course, obtain access to campus-wide wireless internet.

Northwest provides all students the ability to access the wireless internet from any building on campus. Having this ability to use your laptop in any classroom has many benefits. Students have access to useful tools, such as E-mail, eCompanion, online search engines, as well as many other resources on the web. Students are also allowed to connect their personal devices, such as iPods, personal computers, and cell phones to the WiFi. The main focus and goal of the campus-wide network is to allow students and staff to openly communicate and use the Internet for educational purposes as well as recreational purposes. As sweet a deal as this is, restrictions do apply. Northwest does not allow applications that use a tremendous amount of bandwidth on the network (such as video chatting on Skype and gaming on Xbox Live). The reasoning behind this is to have the network running at its maximum ability for everyone on campus. If applications that use a large amount of bandwidth were allowed on the network, the Internet would nearly remain relatively frozen to everyone. Several thousands of students use Northwest’s network every day, and to ensure their ability to use the Internet for educational purposes, Northwest has restricted applications that compromise our networks ability to function smoothly and at a steady speed. So to keep the speeds fast, please follow the policies, and enjoy the internet anywhere on campus!

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