An iRevolution: iOS5

With the release of the iPhone 4s, a new iOS has come to replace the old iOS, which was released with the old iPhone. One might ask, “What difference does it make whether it’s iOs 4 or 5?” “Isn’t the point that the iPhone 4s does more than the 4?” Well, the answer is no. The new OS for the iPhone 4s is able to do much more. Not only that, but with the new OS, older (3Gs and up) devices will be looking at some pretty nifty improvements on the old system as well. Sure, the 4s has a few advancements over the iPhone 4 (including a new camera, processor, and Siri Mic capabilities), however, improvement has been made largely within the system itself and not to the phone. In fact the OS has over 200 new features. Below are descriptions of just a few of the new features available. However, the rest can be viewed on the Apple website.

The Notification Center
One of the most revolutionary advances in the new OS is the notification center. Rather than being limited to a view of only one thing at a time (as in the older versions), straight from the lock screen, all text messages, appointments, and updates will be posted and immediately accessible. Not only that, but while using an app, if a message or reminder is received, the notification will pop up at the top of the screen discreetly so as not to interrupt anything. But the coolest feature is that from anywhere in the OS, dragging a finger down from the top of the screen will reveal the notification center where all messages, to-do’s, and reminders are easily accessible.

The to-do list
iOS5 will now include a to-do list. Now, this certainly doesn’t appear to be revolutionary at first glance. However, the new to-do list will have location based reminders that can alert you of a task upon arriving at or leaving a destination. In addition, it will also be able to synch with Outlook and iCal.

Twitter is now integrated seamlessly into the OS. This means that photos can be instantly uploaded to an account. Photos can even be tagged with a location to where they were taken as a part of the post.

The Camera
The camera may now be accessed directly from the lock screen and the volume button may even be used to take a picture. Now, photos may be cropped, rotated, and touched up for red eye or lighting right from the device.

Wifi Synch
Finally, with iOS 5 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users no longer have to plug in to a computer to back up and synch their data. Rather, simply by plugging in to charge within range of a shared network, all data can be transferred and backed up without ever having to sit down at your desktop.

There are many, many more (hundreds actually) new features unfortunately not listed in this article. For more information, visit the Apple website, or better yet, if you have an iPhone 3Gs or newer, download the new OS and try it out!

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