Tips & Tricks – September

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + Tab : switches between open windows in your taskbar
Windows Button + Tab : switches between open windows, but in a cascade manner so you can see what’s actually in the windows
Fn + f9 : decreases the brightness of your screen
Fn + f10 : increases the brightness of your screen
Shift + delete : deletes an item without moving it to the recycle bin
Ctrl + A : selects all items in a document or window

Computer Care Tips

  1. Let your computer breathe — if it sits on a blanket for an extended period of time, it could overheat and shut down.
  2. Do not use Windex or glass cleaner to clean your computer screen.
  3. Your CD/DVD drive is NOT a cup holder.
  4. To keep your computer running as fast as possible, run as few programs as you can. This will enable these few programs to run at much faster speeds.
  5. Remember to follow NW network rules. Video chat services such as Skype and Windows Live Messenger allowed. These programs can be used for voice chatting, or for instant messaging, but video chatting is against the rules.

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