Loading No Longer

As the world is becoming more and more engulfed in and addicted to the Internet, learning to wait for web pages, videos, and photos is second nature. Through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, video sharing on YouTube, music downloading from iTunes, and gaming through XBOX Live, patience runs thin and Internet speed is everything. A new revelation from Google, the $190 billion company from Mountain View, California, boasts record breaking internet speeds to a city rather near Northwest.

Kansas City, Missouri was chosen by Google to be the first site for their new fiber-optic, ultra high-speed internet network. Entitled “Google Fiber,” this new network will use cables made of fibers as thin as hair to transmit data via light, reaching speeds unheard of before this concept.┬áTo put the new speed in numbers, Google Fiber will be about 20,000 times faster than dial up and over 100 times faster than the typical broadband connection. Say goodbye to the spinning loading circle on YouTube!

The fiber-optic technology is growing rapidly, meaning that homes wired with the new system have no end in sight for bandwidth. The preparations for the new network have began, and service is expected to be offered starting in 2012. Google hopes to keep prices for this new service close to what Kansas City residents are paying for their current internet.

For information on Google’s newest idea, click here.


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