Catbert surrenders ninth life

For years, students have been safe from the wrath of a dropped laptop, water-damaged motherboards, or stolen computers by saving important files on Northwest’s Catbert server (N: drive). Now, however, students are urged to remove files from this storage space. Thirty megabytes of storage will be terminated for all students on October 28, meaning that [more…]

Email Conversion Phase 3!!

On October 28th, phase 3 of the student e-mail conversion will be complete. The old mail address will no longer exist after this date. Information or files that exist on the old e-mail will be lost, so if these are to be kept, forward them to the new email Also, if e-mails are [more…]

Top 10 Battery Saving Tips

School is back in full swing now and students are busy working on homework. With all those late nights and homework parties comes the inevitable search for an outlet. While laptops are amazing devices because of the portable computing that they offers, one major component is lacking — battery life. With a bit of luck, [more…]

Loading No Longer

Ultra high-speed internet network to begin in nearby city next year

Tips & Tricks – September

Keyboard Shortcuts Alt + Tab : switches between open windows in your taskbar Windows Button + Tab : switches between open windows, but in a cascade manner so you can see what’s actually in the windows Fn + f9 : decreases the brightness of your screen Fn + f10 : increases the brightness of your [more…]