Northwest Email Phase 2

As most of you know, and some of you don’t, we are slowly implementing a new email system here at Northwest for students. Transition to this new email system started last spring and has continued throughout the summer. We are now in phase two of three where all email is going to the new address, and not your old one anymore. Your new email address is your Also, sometime in September phase three will go into effect. In phase 3, everything in your old email will disappear, so be sure to get all the information you want out of that email.

For students with files on Catbert student storage (N: drive), you will need to move all of your files to another storage location or device, because Catbert student storage will be disappearing at the same time as the old email system is removed. Your new Outlook Live email has the Skydrive feature which allows students to have 25GB of online storage.

If you have any questions with anything on the new email system, contact your PERT or call the Helpdesk at 660-562-1634.

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