If you have never heard of LightScribe before, you are not alone. However, this cool and useful feature of your new Northwest notebook should not be overlooked. Have you ever wished you could make a good looking label for your CD, but could not because you did not have the resources? Well, the wait is over. Not only can your new computer burn CD’s and DVD’s, but it can also burn a label directly onto the disk.**

The process is simple enough.  You will need:

  • A LightScribe-able CD or DVD (sold at your local electronics store ~15$ for 20 CD’s)
  • LightScribe freeware (linked below)
  • Your computer

Start by downloading these files:

° After installing the drivers and freeware listed above, use one of your LightScribe CD’s or DVD’s.

° Then, after your data is written to it, take it out and put it back in the drive upside down.

° Open the freeware downloaded and choose a template for your label (remember that it will be in black and white).  Pictures can be dragged and dropped where it says “click to add image”.

° After creating a label that you are happy with, continue on to the preview.

° If everything is in order simply click print and wait for your CD\DVD to be finished.

And you are done!

 **Note    ~     Your computer’s CD drive must say LightScribe on it for this to work.

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