Return your laptop — yay or nay?

As we are winding down to the last couple weeks of classes, surely you are wondering what to do with that Northwest laptop you’ve been using all year. Here are the answers to the most common questions about Northwest laptop returns.

Where do I return my University laptop?
You should take your University laptop, along with the power cord, and Ethernet cord (the green cable) back to the Electronic Campus Support Center (where you picked it up at the beginning of the year).

When can I return my University laptop?
You can return the laptop anytime between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday –Friday. To avoid getting charged fees, you should return your laptop by Monday, May 2 before 5:00 PM.

Can I keep my laptop over the summer?
If you are enrolled for the FALL 2011 semester, you may keep your University laptop over the summer. If at any point, you are no longer enrolled in Fall classes, you must return your University laptop ASAP to avoid fees.

How much does it cost to keep my laptop over the summer?
If you are enrolled in at least ONE summer course, there is NO CHARGE to keep your laptop over the summer. If you are not enrolled in summer courses, the fee is $50.00, charged to your Bearcat account.

Is support offered over the summer?
Yes. If you need to switch out your laptop or you need assistance, you may bring your laptop to the Electronic Campus Support Center during their summer office hours. You may also call the Help Desk at (660) 562-1634. Please do not take your University Laptop to any other support center (ie. Geek Squad). This is against the Northwest Computing Policies.

Will Northwest back up my files for me?
No. The University is not responsible for files left on the University laptops and will not perform backups for students. You should back up all of your files on a flash drive, external hard drive, CD’s or some other source to avoid losing your data. All computers are completely erased upon return; therefore, you must back up your data prior to returning your laptop.

You may have also heard about the technology fee increase of $2.00 per credit hour effective Fall 2011. This fee will not only increase campus-wide Internet speed and upgrade classroom equipment (such as projectors), but it will also provide new laptops to the University beginning in the Fall 2011 semester. When you return to campus in the fall, you may switch your laptop for the new ones – which are fully upgraded with Windows 2007 operating system and Microsoft Office 2010! For more information on the new laptops, see the previous article here:

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