Incite into the CITE Office

Tucked away, on the second floor of B.D. Owens Library an entrance.  Through the entrance is the Center for Information Technology in Education office, or CITE Office.  The CITE office is primarily used as a source of help for professors to fully utilize the campus’ information technology.  The CITE office offers training for the eCollege Course Management System.  This helps our instructors implement the eCollege and eCourse online material more efficiently to make working with the online materials as pain-free as possible.  CITE also deals with the faculty’s university-supplied notebooks and the training to utilize them to their full potential.  The CITE office provides Northwest faculty and students with Turnitin’s plagiarism prevention software along with several other teaching resources.  The CITE Office also provides instructors with helpful information guides like what should be included in a syllabus.  Additionally, from specifically helping instructors become better at helping students, CITE supports the sharing of knowledge between faculty members on way to improve teaching methods.

A more comprehensive vision for CITE is the leadership role it will play in advancing Northwest as Missouri’s center for the testing and development of personal computer applications for the enhancement of learning and the state’s leader in utilizing the full potential of information technology to modularize learning through using multimedia and other means.

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