DVD vs. Blu-ray

In today’s tough times, with gas nearing four dollars a gallon and groceries expected to climb as well, the market is not in the mood for overpriced gadgets. Looking at the past couple years, our movie-watching pleasure has taken the silver screen into our homes via the VHS, the DVD, and recently the Blu-ray device. Carrying a hefty price tag, most Blu-ray players come with base line prices or around 120 dollars and get more expensive from there; not to mention that the disks with the actual movie on them are sometimes $40-50.

Is it really worth my money? To answer the question in my personal opinion – no. For Blu-ray to work to its fullest you have to have a high definition (HD) television, the HDMI cable, the Blu-ray player and the movies. The total can range from $600 to well over $1000 (assuming reasonable residential hall sized television). The cost just does not add up and it is a lot of money to spend just to watch movies.

With that being said and watching technology advance as the price of DVDs fall, it is my personal opinion that we stock up on DVDs. Let the Blu-ray fad play out and see what the next big thing will be. The market will crank something out here soon. Chances are it will be of better quality and less costly on the pocketbook.

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