If you’re not a morning person..

We have all been there, struggling to rise early in the morning, longing to stay wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets and covers, wishing for a mere five more minutes. However those things cannot be. We must rise, wipe the sleep out from our eyes, and face the day with courage! That is the very reason that one should invest in a good alarm clock. Well, that and a good cup of coffee. While I cannot advise as to what coffee should be bought, I can point out some very interesting and effective alarm clocks.

Different people wake up in different ways, and so each person should have a different routine in the mornings to get on his or her feet. Some alarms cater to many different styles of waking and even to different lifestyles. For example, there is one alarm clock called “Clocky the Robotic Alarm” that rolls away from you as it goes off so you have to chase it around the room. For people that need to get up and around to wake up, this is a life saver. Likewise there is an alarm clock that launches a flyer into the air that has to be returned to the base before it will turn off. Now, that is a pretty interesting way to start the day. Other alarms require you to solve a puzzle to turn them off — a simple math problem or a jigsaw puzzle. The third and most direct form of alarm that can be found is based on sheer power. This alarm pumps out audio at 113 decibels (that’s louder than a jackhammer), and as if that’s not enough it comes with a “bed shaker” that shakes the bed until you wake up. If that doesn’t wake you up, nothing will. One alarm is available that hangs from the ceiling. Every time you tap it to snooze, it raises itself a bit higher forcing you to reach for the next nap. Eventually you would have to stand on the bed just to turn it off. With all the different types of alarms, waking up in the morning becomes a lot more doable. I hope this article will help for those of you like myself who aren’t always accustomed to early mornings.

(113 Decibels)

Simple math to wake you up

Yes it flies

Frustrating but awesome

It rolls off and is indestructible

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