Northwest’s Career Services

If I asked you what Career Services is or what they do, could you tell me?

Career Services is a great place for all undergraduate students to go to find jobs, internships, and even resume help. One of the online resources they offer is called Hire A Bearcat. On the site, students can create a profile and look for jobs or internships that are posted on the website.

Get your own Hire A Bearcat account here.

One of the popular resources offered by Career Services is the Type Focus survey. The Type Focus survey is a personality and strengths test to see what kind of person you are and what your strengths are. Plus, this test is free to those who go to Northwest. You may be thinking, why should you take this test? The simplest answer is for self-improvement. If you better understand yourself now you can better portray that onto your resume, cover letter, and even in an interview! What are you waiting for? Get a better understanding of who you are today. Check out the Type Focus.

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