Jean Jennings Bartik and Northwest’s Computing Museum

Almost every student has heard about Northwest becoming the first “electronic” campus in the nation in 1987. We all receive a nice laptop every year to use which helps us with school work and cutting down on paper usage (the use of eCompanion for turning in papers and assignments). Most people don’t know that Northwest has had ties to computers since World War 2 with a student named Jean Jennings Bartik. Bartik was one of the first computer programmers in the world. She was involved with a group of six women who programmed the world’s first Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer and helped program the world’s first commercial computer. Northwest made national news within the past few weeks because of Bartik with a spot headlining the Tech page.

Thanks to Bartik and all the works of Dr. Rickman who paved the way for Northwest to become an electronic campus, we have an awesome computing museum here in the B.D. Owens Library and an interactive version on the Northwest website. If you want to check it out and learn more about Bartik, go here:

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