Eco Cars

In today’s world with the rising costs of gas and the instability of the economy, consumers are finding themselves more and more inclined to purchasing a hybrid car.

Types of cars that are out on the market right now are the traditional gas and electric motor engine. Basically, the gas engine runs to charge the batteries for the electric motor and a house outlet is used to charge the electric motor’s batteries.

Althought these cars are great for saving money at the pump, are they really worth dropping $30,000 to $40,000? Surprisingly no. A few of the hybrids have, in fact, proven worthwhile investments, but owning and operating costs are rather high on these vehicles and, if parts break, they are expensive to replace. Economists in USA Today stated that equally great fuel efficient cars can be found that range from 30-35 mpg and cost $10,000 less. Also, maintenance charges will not break the bank.

Overall, these cars are cool and, like anything new in technology, once research and production has been perfected these vehicles will be great buys.

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