Computing Museum

Imagine a chance to step back in time. Imagine a chance to look at the first computer made. Imagine the chance to view the history of the computer. Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine. A little known secret is that our very own B.D. Owens Library is the host to a computer history museum and not only contains artifacts prevalent to the school’s computing history but to that of the world.

Taking this step back in time you can see the computer’s history like never before with an up-close chance given to us by the Smithsonian Institute to view a piece of the first computer.

Not to be masked in the shadow, however, is the evolution of the computer as there are several displays of the progress of the laptop and desktop computer. Macintosh enthusiasts will even get a chance to see the famed Apple 2 computer along with one of the first iMac computers.

This adventure is not only entertaining but it is educational and has been hailed by CNN for its quality and consideration to the facts and display of the computer’s evolution. If you would like to see the museum, see Kim Todd ( in the Client Computing Office on the first floor of the library. Take it from this PERT. The museum is a must-see before you graduate or leave for the summer!

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