Tools for stronger, safer passwords

As technology is increasingly becoming a major part of our lives, it is very frustrating to keep track and remember passwords for all the computer applications we use. We need passwords for e-mail accounts, social networking sites, online shopping sites, online banking applications, ATMs and many other situations.  Strong passwords are normally long, complex and hard to remember; as a result, most [more…]

Northwest’s Career Services

If I asked you what Career Services is or what they do, could you tell me? Career Services is a great place for all undergraduate students to go to find jobs, internships, and even resume help. One of the online resources they offer is called Hire A Bearcat. On the site, students can create a [more…]

Eco Cars

In today’s world with the rising costs of gas and the instability of the economy, consumers are finding themselves more and more inclined to purchasing a hybrid car. Types of cars that are out on the market right now are the traditional gas and electric motor engine. Basically, the gas engine runs to charge the [more…]

Jean Jennings Bartik and Northwest’s Computing Museum

Almost every student has heard about Northwest becoming the first “electronic” campus in the nation in 1987. We all receive a nice laptop every year to use which helps us with school work and cutting down on paper usage (the use of eCompanion for turning in papers and assignments). Most people don’t know that Northwest [more…]

Emerging 3D technologies

Have you ever watched a movie with holograms and thought it would be really cool to actually have one? Well, your day may not be too far off and, even if you have never thought about it, there is still something to be said for the potential this technology. The hologram would change life as we knew [more…]

Computing Museum

Imagine a chance to step back in time. Imagine a chance to look at the first computer made. Imagine the chance to view the history of the computer. Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine. A little known secret is that our very own B.D. Owens Library is the host to a computer history museum and not [more…]