Do you Flip?

Flip video cameras (Flip Cams) have become all the rage lately in the world of technology especially among college students. If you happen to live under your textbooks and have no idea what a Flip Cam is, allow me to fill you in.

A Flip Cam is an extremely simple point-and-shoot digital video recorder that allows users to easily capture their most exciting (or embarrassing) moments of life and share them with friends, family, or even the entire world (YouTube) without having to mess with the complicated video-editing processes. Flip Cams have a built-in USB mechanism that will connect to virtually any computer just like the typical flash drive. The Flip Cams are also small – about the size of an average cell phone, making them perfect for capturing all of your video-worthy moments. Literally, within minutes you could become the next YouTube sensation, start a video-blog, or just show all of your closest Facebook friends and Twitter followers that funny video of you doing something ridiculously random. Or to be more serious, you could speak out on a topic you feel strongly about, create a video for a class presentation, or even make an awesome application for [insert your choice of reality TV show here] – whatever!

What makes the Flip so exciting for you Bearcats is that they are available for checkout on campus at the B.D. Owens Library – for free! Library Services Attendant Michael Nay explained the details of the service. Here’s what you need to know:

Q: Where can I go to check out a Flip Video Camera?
A: Owen’s B.D. Library Services Desk (First floor, where you normally check out books)

Q: What do I need to check out a Flip Cam?
A: All you need is your Northwest Bearcat Card.

Q: What all do I get when I check out a Flip Cam?
A: You will get the HD Flip Video Camera, batteries and a Quick-Start manual (All items must be returned together)

Q: How long can I check out the Flip Cam?
A: Three (3) Days. You may take the Flip Camera out of the Library, off-campus, etc. However, you may not automatically renew the Flip Cams.

Q: Do I need certain software to put my videos on my computer?
A: No software is required to put your videos on the computer. The NW provided laptops are compatible with the Flip Cam and to transfer your videos, just follow the step-by-step instructions on the computer.

Q: What is the late fee for a Flip Cam?
A: Because the Flip Cams are very popular and used for some classes, the late fee is pretty steep at $5.00 per day that it is late (automatically charged to your Bearcat account).

*Keep in mind that, eventually, the Flip Cams get checked out to other students, faculty and staff – so use common sense and a little discretion when you are making your way into the world of digital video. In other words, delete anything you do not the next user to see!

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