ResLife Student Staff Selection — 2011

Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to be an RA, BRIDGE, PERT, ARCH, or Desk Manager but you never quite knew how or when to start applying? Well, now is the time to apply! Student Staff Selection has begun and you want to know where to begin the process, right?

Log onto your myNorthwest homepage and click on the Residence Halls tab. In the middle of the page is the Student Staff Selection box. Go here to begin the process or look more in depth at what each position does and what kind of work is involved. Also, there are current staff members’ testimonials here available to read for more information. A timeline of the selection process is available, too. Along with the online information, never shy away from asking a current RA, BRIDGE, PERT, ARCH, or Desk Manager about their jobs! Remember, “there’s an app for that.”

For more information on Residential Life positions, visit this page on the Northwest site:

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