Mac App Store

Apple has done it again with the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store is the way of the future. You no longer have to leave your Mac to purchase software or even pay to ship the software from the Apple website. All you need is to have the most updated version of Snow Leopard to get the Mac App Store. The store runs just like iTunes in a fashion where users can click, buy, and downloads items right to the computer. The Mac App Store simplifies the buying and downloading of Mac applications. From day one, the Mac App Store started with 1,000 apps that were available to download – some are even free! One of the best things that the Mac App Store offers is the individual purchase of iLife and iWork software. For example, all you want is an updated version of GarageBand since you are trying to make it as a musician. In this situation, you can purchase it for $14.99 instead of paying for the whole iLife suite. If you can handle not having a physical copy of some Apple software, save yourself some money. iWork normally costs $79 from Apple, but when purchased from the Mac App Store a user can save about $20. Appleā€™s big photo-editing program, Aperature, normally sells for $199; however, if you buy it from the Mac App Store it will only cost $79. Although saving money is what everyone wants, the Mcc App Store could be the end of physical copies of software as we know it!

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