Tricks & tips – January

Keyboard shortcuts

  1. F11, make your browser window a full-screen view
  2. Fn + num lk, toggle the keyboard number pad on/off
  3. Ctrl + Shift + Esc, opens the computer’s task manager in one quick step
  4. Ctrl + Z, undo last action
  5. Ctrl + Y, redo last action

Computer care tips

  1. When in class taking notes turn off wireless and lower your screen brightness (see October’s tricks & tips) to save energy; this will lengthen the life of your computer’s battery while you’re in class.
  2. Be sure to completely¬†shut your computer down (not just “sleep” mode) at least once every couple days.
  3. The residence hall networks are more populated than any other building on campus; therefore, the Internet is much slower — for faster results, try using your Ethernet cable or go to another building such as the Union or the library.
  4. Remember, programs like LimeWire, BitTorrent, and FrostWire are PROHIBITED on the Northwest campus because they tremendously slow down the network AND they’re illegal.

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