Services at the B.D. Owens Library

Unfortunately, many students are unaware of the vast majority of services provided by the B.D. Owens Library.  So many services are provided that students can use to save time, money, and a lot of frustration. To begin, there is a vast movie collection at the back of the first floor that goes largely unnoticed. People tend to think that movies found at the library must be of educational nature; however, that is not true. While there are some more obscure films and undoubtedly a few documentaries, the majority of the films are actually popular and recent. The library has seasons of your favorite TV shows, too, along with a great number of classics and foreign films for those interested.  

Movies are not the only thing that can be checked out from the library other than literature. Also available at the checkout desk are headphones, power cords, projectors, Ethernet cords, umbrellas, video cameras, meeting rooms, and even a human skeleton! A number of useful programs are available at the library that cannot be checked out but can be found on specific computers in the lab. For example, some of these programs include the Microsoft Office 2007 package, Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, Kurzweil 2000, and ExamGuard QuestionMark Secure. Finally, scanners are available for use along with a photo printer, resume printer, a color laser printer, and black and white printers.

Don’t forget about the Client Computing office located on the first floor! Tabatha Verbick and/or Kim Todd will be in the office from 8am-9pm on most days and are available to help with password changes and account issues!

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