Outlook vs. Web Based Mail

Do you ever get tired of only having “the basics” with your Northwest email account when you check your mail online? Most likely, this is because you are using Northwest’s Web-based email system. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 offers more than just the basics!

Outlook and Web Based Mail are similar in many ways, though. Both have the option to create and use a calendar for all of your classes and events. Also, both give users the option to remind themselves about upcoming events using the alarm feature. Even though some things are similar, there are glaring differences, too.

Outlook and Web Based Mail both have calendars; however, Outlook’s calendar is much easier to navigate and understand. Outlook allows users to color code different things such as meetings and classes and it has the option to display reminders anytime is is opened on the task bar, whereas Web Based Mail will only display reminders when a user is logged on (online). In addition, Outlook alerts users when when new mail arrives as long as the program is running; users do not have to keep refreshing the web page to check for new mail.

In conclusion, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 has many big advantages over Web Based Mail and so many students on campus do not know about it! Outlook is available to every full-time student for free on their University-provided notebook. For assistance with the set up or customization of Outlook, contact a PERTon campus.

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