Tech-related organizations

No matter what major a student has declared at Northwest Missouri State University, he or she is bound to deal with technology in one form or another to get a job done. Advances in technology have given students the ability to conduct research, easily communicate with peers and professionals, and do homework. Even after school, technology is a demanded skill. The University is proud to have organizations that promote computer and technology education; some of the organizations include ACM, DigEM, USITT, and The Fellowship of the Tower. Read below for further details on each organization.

The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) exists to promote a greater interest in computers and applications. One of the benefits of being a member of ACM is that it provides a means of communication for persons sharing an interest in computer technology.

Digital Electronic Media (DigEM) is open for all students interested in design, digital media, or the web; however, it has been tailored to target Interactive Digital Media majors and Multimedia minors. The organization exists to increase students’ knowledge of design, development, creativity, and applications of interactive digital media. DigEM also promotes greater interest in computer programming, new media and visual imaging and is a means of communication between all people having interest in these fields.

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) student chapters exist to promote safety in the theater setting and to support the advancement of technology in theater. The organization’s goals are accomplished by the chapter’s members who actively participate in activities within the chapter as well as in the department and the community.

The Fellowship of the Tower
The Fellowship of the Tower is a social organization and encourages fellowship with people who play various computer games. The group sponsors monthly game nights, yearly conventions, and campaigns. The Fellowship of the Tower creates a common ground for all types of gamers.

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